Digital CV app


We are currently testing an app for our students to be able to showcase their skills, experience and achievements through a ‘digital CV’.


Paper CVs are traditionally text based.  Due to this heavy use of vocabulary, people with learning difficulties and disabilities can find it difficult to prepare a CV.

This app has simplified language and is intuitive, allowing users to upload evidence of their work experience and skills through simplified text, Makaton, photos and videos.

The app allows students to select key words to describe themselves – soft, personal skills such as ‘I am kind and caring’, and also specific achievements relating to the skills they have gained in their curriculum pathway area. Users will also be able to show video mock interviews, references and upload certificates and photos.

The app then generates a personalised pdf CV that they can use to share with a potential employer or work placement provider, with links to the video content. It will be a really valuable tool for users to show employers what they can do, when they might find it difficult to explain during an interview situation.

One of the students who is currently testing the app is George.  We asked him for his views on the new app:

It’s super, I enjoy using the tablets to do my work, and the app was easy to use. I will use this to help me to get a job in the future. I am excited to use the app again to finish creating my CV

Access to CVs will be granted through a unique link sent by the student to the prospective employer.

We are currently looking for employers to test the CV element of this app.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping us this with the testing part of this project.

If you are an employer with a code to view a CV you can access it here.


Q1: How can I as an employer give an individual with learning difficulties or disabilities the chance to work?
As an employer you will be allowing the individual an equal opportunity to support and enhance your current team, with their well-developed industry specific skill set. You will need to be supportive and embrace the little changes that will allow the individual to flourish; for example introducing repetitive tasks, adapting communication methods, routine work schedules and clear expectations/goals. Bespoke work patterns can also work to an advantage. You will be displaying key diversity ethics such as valuing and promoting equal opportunities, embracing an inclusive working culture within your team and increasing your employer statistics.
Q2: Are there any regulations I need to be aware of as an employer supporting an individual with learning difficulties or disabilities?
Q3: Where can I get support for employing an individual with learning difficulties or disabilities?
There are several different routes you may wish to explore outside of full or part time employment. Below are organisations that can offer support and guidance or information on Government Funding that may be available:

Q4: What would I do if I had a problem?
You would proceed down the same route as any other employee. Discuss the issue with the individual in a method that suits their needs. Put together and action plan that they agree with. It may require some adaptions from you as well as the employee. If you have the support of a job coach, you can seek guidance from the networks mentioned in Answer 3.