[email protected] 2021 – How to get your business involved

We invite employers to join in with our National Careers week activities.

Do you have a team in your office who would like to get involved in the Have-A-Go activities?  Let us know how you get on via social media.  You can find Derwen College on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Maybe you would like to find out more about our National Careers Week activities taking place 1st-6th March 2021.

[email protected] 2021

We would like to thank all the judges who have volunteered to take part in the [email protected] competitions this year.  The judge’s role is so important and valuable to the event, and we really appreciate the time they have taken to assess the competition entries.

The [email protected] competitions run every year, and we are always grateful for the industry standard input we receive from our judges.  If you would like to offer your industry skills as a judge in future competitions, please do get in touch.