CV Builder Instructions

Digital CV app

When you log in

You will see the home page with four choices:

  • Make my CV
  • Look at my CV
  • Show my CV/Apply for a job
  • Log out of my CV

Make my CV

Click on the Make my CV choice on the home page.

Fill in the About Me section and click on the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Add your Phone Number and Email address.  Click the arrow again.

Click the Save button regularly as you move through the CV Builder.

In the Upload Photograph section you can add a photo of yourself to you CV.  Either Take a New Photograph, or Choose Photographs already on your device.  You don’t have to use a photograph if you don’t want.


The next page shows a list of characteristics that might describe you. CV Builder: About Me Screenshot

  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Confident
  • Helpful
  • Creative
  • Willing
  • Honest
  • Punctual


Click on the ones that apply to you, and a tick will appear on the blue bar.  When you have finished, click the arrow again.

Complete the section about what you like to do in your Spare Time.

Work experience

Click the Add Work Experience button.

Select an area you have worked in, and click the arrow button.

Choose the skills you have learnt in this work experience area. Click the arrow button.

Where did you do this work experience? Fill in the dates and location of your work placement.  Click the arrow.

You then have the option to add photos or videos of you doing your work experience.

Choose Photographs will take you to the gallery on your device.

Add Videos will give you the option to add a link to an online video. The video you add should show you in your work placement.

Click the arrow button.

At this point you can add another Work Experience area if you would like to.


My Education

Add the details of Schools and Colleges you attended, and the dates you were there.

Add notes about your education in the notes box. Click arrow button.

You can also add notes about your Qualifications.  Click arrow button.

On this page you can upload qualification certificates, photographs or videos relating to your qualifications. Click arrow button.

Remember to click the Save button regularly as you move through the CV Builder.

Next you can choose to add details of a Referee who will write a reference for you. Click arrow button.

You can add a link to your Mock Interview here if you would like to.  Add the link to your online video.  Click arrow button.

Click Save button to save your details.


Look at my CV

Click on the button to View my CV online

This will take you to a web page with a preview of your CV for you to read and check that everything is correct.

Show my CV/Apply for a job

Here you can send your CV to someone to apply for a job.

Click the button Share my CV/Apply for a Job.CV Builder: Show my CV

Fill in the person’s details, click the arrow button.

You can send it to another person from here too.

Need more help?

Having problems with CV Builder, or need more help?

Please contact Derwen College by emailling: [email protected]